15 (Free) Favicon Generators That We Absolutely Recommend

So you’re set on starting a blog or a site. You’ve done your research on which website builder to use. You’ve decided on a really cool name for your site. Heck, you might even be finished and just want to start monetizing your blog.

But wait, before you do that. Here’s a little test. Load up your blog in a browser and then load up any other website.

Notice anything different?

Aside from it being two different sites (obviously), you’ll notice that most sites have these little icons on their tab. These are favicons — short for favourites icon — and believe it or not, having one is actually quite important to your brand.

What Is a Favicon And Where Do I Get Them

What are favicons actually? They are small little icons that appear before a URL page, bookmark list, website address bar, tabs browsers, and other interface elements.

Favicons usually have the following sizes: 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128. Majority of the browsers uses the .ICO format but some also use *.GIF and *.PNG.

Creating a favicon is not that hard and with these 15 Free Favicon Generators That We Absolutely Recommend, you’ll have a professional looking favicon for your site in no time!

1. Favicon Generator


Favicon Generator

Quite possibly the easiest generator to use, Favicon Generator lets you create a ready-to-use favicon simply by uploading the image to their site. The generator is able to import GIF, JPEG, and PNG image formats directly from your computer, and convert it to an .ICO format. Once it’s done, just upload the favicon file to the root folder of your website.

Visit Favicon Generator

2. Favicon.cc



For the more creatively inclined, you can create your own favicon using Favicon.cc. An online favicon creator and generator, the site is great for creating a favicon on the spot which you can animate as well. You can import images as well as the site supports the JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO and CUR image formats.

Visit Favicon.cc

3. Dynamic Drive – Favicon Generator


Dynamic Drive – Favicon Generator

Part of Dynamic Drive’s web tools, the Dynamic Drive – Favicon Generator is another free and straightforward favicon generator. You can upload images that are in GIF, JPG, PNG, and BMP to generate a favicon icon. They also have the additional option of creating a 32×32 desktop icon and a 48×48 XP icon.

Visit Dynamic Drive – Favicon Generator

4. Genfavicon



Genfavicon lets you create an icon in just three simple steps. What’s great about Genfavicon is that you can choose the size of your icon when you create, Once you uploaded your image in either JPEG, GIF, or PNG, you can select a size (16×16, 32×32, 48×48, 128×128) to create your icon. You can also preview your favicon by clicking on the “Capture & Preview” button.

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5. Favicongenerator



Favicongenerator is a no-frills icon generator that uses a very basic interface, keeping it simple for users. The site doesn’t have many options and requires a perfect square image (100 Pixels x 100 Pixels), but it is super easy to use if you’re lazy to think about creating a favicon.

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6. Prodraw



While most generators support common image files, very few lets you use photo files. Prodraw not only supports the usual JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP files, they also support TIF file formats. The tool can generate favicon in multiple sizes (16×16, 32×32, 48×48, 128×128) and can also produce them at different sharpen levels so you can compare which looks better for your site.

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7. Logaster.com



With over 5,000,000 different logos created under their belts, Logaster is a great favicon generator for those who want to add a “personal touch” to their icon. Getting started with Logaster is easy enough. Just click on the “Create Logo” button, write your company’s name and select the activity type. You’ll then be given a selection of logo templates to choose from, which you can customize.

Visit Logaster.com

8. Favicon.pro



Favicon.pro is another great free favicon generator that you can use to create an icon for your site, quickly and easily. They have all the basic functions of an icon generator which allows you to upload your images in PNG, JPG, or GIF format and convert it to icons. Another great thing about Favicon.pro is that they also include a step-by-step guide for creating an icon and to upload it to your website. How awesome is that!

Visit Favicon.pro

9. Antifavicon



Antifavicon is a bit different from other icon generators in that it doesn’t use images at all to create icons. Instead, it generates favicon entirely through text. The tool has two text boxes that you can write in to create your icon. Aside from that, you can customize the colors of the text and its background.

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10. RealFaviconGenerator.net



RealFaviconGenerator is a surprisingly powerful tool compared to other icon generators. With this tool, you’re able to create an icon on all the platforms available. Plus, you also get the ability to test out the icon itself. Just type in your website, click on the “Check Favicon” button and it will give you feedback on your favicon. You can check how your favicon looks on different browsers or operating system and fix whatever’s missing.

Visit RealFaviconGenerator.net

11. Favic-o-Matic



Favic-o-Matic claims to be the “ultimate favicon generator” and do so by providing two simple options. Upload your image and convert it to a single .ICO file or create an icon for all the platforms available, including iOS and Android apps. You can even customize the size, background color, and more for your favicon in the advanced settings.

Visit Favicomatic.com

12. Favikon



Need a simple favicon generator? Favikon’s your answer. This simple icon generator lets you crop and downloads the image as an .ICO file. Other than that, there’s not much you can do with Favikon. If you need to whip out a simple favicon, then this free tool is definitely for you.

Visit Favikon

13. Faviconit



Faviconit is another easy to use tool for creating favicons, apple touch icons, and also HTML headers for multiple platforms and devices. The steps are easy enough, just upload your image and it’ll do the rest. You can click on the “Advanced” button to access more customization options.

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14. Xiconeditor



Want to create your favicon from scratch? Xiconeditor is excellent if you want to create a completely custom-made icon. The site has a type tool, brush tool, pencil tool, eraser, and more to let you create a truly unique favicon for free. You can also import your icon and crop it straight with the tools available and preview it before downloading the favicon.

Visit Xiconeditor

15. Faviconr



Faviconr can generate icons using JPG, GIF, and PNG files, similar to the other tools on this list. The other thing it can do is create a favicon with a transparent background using a transparent GIF or PNG image file. There aren’t any tools available with Faviconr which makes creating favicons a straightforward affair with this tool.

Visit Faviconr.com

The Wrap Up

Making a favicon doesn’t require a lot of effort but having one definitely helps. Having your very own unique and custom favicon shows that you’re serious about your brand and your site. Plus, these favicon generators are free so it doesn’t hurt to make one!

If you think we are missing out something great, well, just let us know. We will add to the list.