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Thanks for your interest in advertising with us.

But, first thing first, we don’t sell white space!

We only published advertising message that benefits our targeted readers. The message will let our readers consider the services and products we put before them.

1. Profile Listing

We have a section where business owners meet professionals like you.

If you are offering services such as managing websites, configuring eCommerce stores, building websites, running marketing campaign, etc; you are welcomed to submit your portfolio to us

What will you get?

  • A dedicated page about things you offer – portfolio, services, and clients.
  • Your profile page will get listed on our job board.
  • Brand visibility – we will share on social media channels, newsletter, and future blog posts.
  • We only accept requests from fields that benefit small business owners, bloggers, and startups.

Here are some examples of what the profile listing looks like:

If you are interested to get listed, submit your profile (Google form is opened in a new tab) to us.

2. Tool Review

We receive emails often from product owners, offering us free trial in return for a review of the tool.

It is impossible for us to cover everything, so we decided to offer the tool review as our one of our services.

What will you get?

  • A dedicated page about your tool.
  • An in-depth review of your tool based on our opinion – usability, pricing, pros and cons, how to use, etc.
  • Brand visibility – we will promote your tool on social media channels, newsletter, and future blog posts.
  • We only accept tools that are related to small and medium businesses, bloggers, and startups.

You can view the example of what our tool review looks like:

If you have any questions, we are here to answer: Jason – JasonChow (at) WebHostingSecretRevealed (dot) net.

3. Sponsor Post

We can write the post on your behalf, but we are also open to having you providing the article.

All we require is that you prepare an original unique article and submit any relevant images. As the standard procedure, we will need to read the article before publishing.

The thing to take note – Your sponsor post must benefit our readers.

Let’s talk

Besides the advertising options above; please let us know if you have any awesome ideas. We are opened to discussions and suggestions.

You are welcomed to drop your inquiries to: Jason, Site Manager – JasonChow (at) WebHostingSecretRevealed (dot) net.