Site123 Review

SITE123 is one of the easiest website builders in the market. It doesn’t ask for any coding skill. It doesn’t need dragging-and-dropping of anything.

It has made website creation simpler. Everything here is pre-made by the team of developers. You can create a full working website only by choosing items.

It has useful toolsets for SEO, Email Marketing, Online Store and more. So you get all the necessary things to put a business online — without needing any past experience.


Features that make website-building easy

1. Website Builder – Build a website without even dragging and dropping

The website builder of SITE123 is somewhat different. It doesn’t offer drag-and-drop. Instead, it has all website elements pre-made.

There are plenty of layouts, page structures and color schemes in their directory. You can build a website by choosing elements, without any technical skill.

Every pre-made layout comes with a set of customization options. So whatever you build, you can always make it unique.

site123 website builder

2. Pre-Designed Page Templates – Add new pages in the fastest time

SITE123 offers many pre-designed page templates in their website builder. They are categorized under different page types. For example, testimonial, contact, team, promo etc.

Suppose you want to create a contact page. You can browse its category and choose a design to get started. Your page will be ready within minutes.

site123 page templates

3. Online Store – Create a platform for selling products online

SITE123 has made it easy to set up an online store. It takes only a few clicks. You can add a store to your website from Pages > Add New Page > Sales > Store.

You can add new products. Categorize them under different labels. Manage placed orders. Check delivery of products. All under one dashboard.

There are other features like:

  • Sell digital products
  • Offer currency selection
  • Set shipping rates and taxes
  • Create and manage coupons
  • Enable bank wire transfer

You have PayPal for accepting instant payments. For credit card payments, you need to use a payment processing service. They support Stripe, 2Checkout and Braintree.

There is wire transfer as an offline payment method. You can enable it to receive payments directly in your bank account.

site123 Online Store

4. Image Library – Snatch needful images from the free image library

SITE123 can often save time, and bucks too. It has a library of stock images. And they are all free!

The library includes images from different categories. Such as sports, food, business etc. You can use them on your SITE123 site regardless of any license issue.

You can search your desired images by keywords, and insert them in your site without wasting any time.

site123 free stock image

5. Blog – Create a blog to increase your website readership

SITE123 has a small blogging system. Setting up a blog is easy with it. Go to Pages > Add New Page > Blog for adding a new one.

The blogging system features a visual text editor for writing posts. It is similar to WordPress’s WYSIWYG editor. You can add new posts and manage them on the same page.

There is a native comment system on the blog. You can moderate reader’s comment from the blog dashboard

site123 blog

6. Multilingual Website – Make your website compatible for other languages

If your target audience is global, you may need your website in more than one language.

SITE123 features automatic website translation. It takes only a few clicks to prepare translated copies of your website. And visitors can switch between them using a selectable menu.

This translation system uses Google and Bing engine at its core. These are the most accurate translation engines available online.

site123 automatic translation

7. Customer Support – Get your problem solved in a matter of minutes

SITE123 offers several ways to get help. There are Email Support, Live Chat Support and Support Center.

The most used one is the Live Chat Support. They are active 24/7 and reply to queries within minutes.

They have a Support Center, which is basically a knowledge-base for users. It includes useful articles and videos to get started.
site123 live support

Themes and apps

SITE123 doesn’t have anything that we call “theme” or “template”. Instead, it offers a set of responsive layouts. You have to pick one and customize it in your way.

At the beginning of time, you will see a layout by default, filled with images and texts. The content will base on the category you select.

site123 responsive layouts

SITE123 has a small app market. It includes 30+ apps and more may come later. Most of them emphasize on marketing and social media needs.

site123 app market

SEO Features

SITE123 covers up the basic needs of SEO. It has some built-in tools that can solve different SEO problems. Plus, it integrates with a number of third-party applications.

Some important features are:

  • Add meta tags to web pages
  • Auto-generate sitemap for your website
  • Create and manage 301 redirections
  • Connect your website to webmaster tools
  • Connect your website to Google Analytics

SITE123 offers good SEO for multilingual websites. Every language gets a separate URL. Plus, it adds href-lang meta tag to all pages. So that, search engines can understand which language it is.

Concerning the website speed, it is well-equipped. They host their websites on dedicated servers. And they use Content Delivery Network (CDN) to serve the content faster.

site123 SEO options

Our verdict

SITE123 is simplified in many ways. The website builder is not fluffy. The online store means a simple way of selling. There is an effective way to blog. And so on!

The first-time website builders will find it plain and easy. The system interface is intuitive. They will love the pace of creating a site using SITE123.

Not to hide, customization options are somewhat limited. The website builder might feel watery if you have previous experience of creating a website.

Therefore, SITE123 is a good choice if — you are a first-timer or you enjoy simplicity more than everything.