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Last updated on October 19th 2017


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Weebly is one of the most-talked website builders available in the market. Seemingly, it falls in the category of top three builders featuring drag-and-drop approach. Its head-to-head competitors are Wix and Squarespace. If you look closely, you may find it better than them in some corners.

Read the rest of the review to understand how it will help and how it will not.

Why Weebly is great for online presence

Weebly offers a complete website building solution without any learning curve. Its main highlight is the Drag-and-Drop website builder.

They have important sets of features that you would need to launch your first website without any coding knowledge. The system is made intuitive for an average grown-up man.

Weebly powers more than 40 million websites. It is equivalent to 2% of all websites that are currently live. It looks great when you compare it with the vast availability of website builders.


Weebly powers more than 40 million websites (source).

Features to help build online presence with Weebly

1. Building a website has never been easier

The most helpful feature of Weebly is the Drag-and-Drop website builder. It is basically for them who are new to this line and doesn’t know coding well. You don’t have to learn anything to use it.

The builder requires zero coding knowledge. You will find many website elements in the builder’s sidebar. All you do is to drag one element, drop it on the website template and click to edit it. You can design multiple pages differently without any concern.

Using this builder, you can hopefully launch a full-featured website within hours!


Weebly Website Editor – Just drag the element from the left panel and drop it on the template.

2. Grow your online influence with a blog

You can create and design a new blog almost instantly using Weebly. All you need to do is to click on “Pages” tab in the website builder and add a “Blog Page”.

The blog editor features the same drag-and-drop builder, even for a blog post. You can drag an element and drop in a blog post to add to it.

Social sharing buttons, comment system, and RSS feed are built-in with the blogging system. Many apps in the App Center can be used to extend blog features.


Weebly Blog Editor – You can add an element to enhance your blog.

3. Easy ways to sell your products online

Launching an online store using Weebly is much easier. It offers a complete solution for setting up and maintaining an e-commerce store.


Weebly Online Store

You can add product information using the product editor, upload images and categorize the products almost immediately. They have different information template for different products. Such as Physical Good, Digital Good and Service.

You can design your own storefront page using their pre-defined layouts. You can also select specific products to be displayed on the storefront.


Add product to Weebly Online Store.

Orders, customer management, payment and shipment information are available on one big dashboard of Weebly.

Weebly accepts payment processing through Credit Cards and PayPal. For credit card payments, you need to use a payment processing service like Stripe or Authorize.net. Do not worry, they are integrated with Weebly.

Other Weeby e-commerce features:

  • Coupon: Offer coupon codes to attract more sales seasonally.
  • Gift Card: Send surprising gift card to your customers through e-mail.
  • Abandoned Cart: Recover customers who had unpurchased items in their carts.
  • Digital Product: Offer to purchase digitally downloadable contents.
  • Shipping: Set shipping rules and rates for different types of orders.
  • Tax: Set up taxes for each country and state you ship products to.

4. Add membership system to your site

You might need to share an information with a private group of people. For that, Weebly has a small membership system.

You can enable visitors to “Sign Up” to your website and get access to an exclusive content page. There is an option to set up login form for returning users. All those members can be managed from the main Weebly dashboard.

Unfortunately, the free account of Weebly doesn’t have membership system. Pro account will let you have up to 100 members. Business account has no limit on the number of members.


Membership System in Weebly.

5. Grow your business with email marketing tools

Weebly Promote is the very own email marketing service of Weebly. It stands best for its easy integration with Weebly sites. By using it, you can send emails and manage subscribers on the same dashboard.

There are a bunch of pre-designed email layouts offered in the compose page. The drag-and-drop editor is given to modify those layouts or you can build it yourself from the scratch.

Weebly Promote also offers analytics for email campaigns. You can check delivery rate, open rate, click rate and recent open from the stats.


Weebly Email Template.


Weebly Drang and Drop Email Editor.

6. Make it easy to gather and review response from visitors

Like website elements, Weebly has a set of form elements with the drag-and-drop facility. That means it will take just a minute to add your desired form anywhere to the website.

Weebly supports total four types of forms. Each type of forms can be created or modified using the drag-and-drop editor.

  • Contact Form
  • Newsletter Form
  • RSVP Form
  • Survey Form

Weebly Form Builder.

7. Build and manage your site anywhere with mobile app

Your mobile should not create a barrier to building a website. You can simply create, edit and manage websites using the Weebly mobile app.

The Drag-and-Drop website editor was adapted to the app. You can drag and drop website elements the same way using your touchscreen mobile phone.

Weebly app is available for both Android and iOS devices with nearly the same facilities you could have over their desktop site.


Weebly Mobile.

8. Someone is always there for you

Free Weebly account has the way of Email as the support system. Paid Weebly account (from the Starter plan) has email support, chat support and support through the phone.

The support team they have is prominent. They are well-experienced to solve your problems regarding Weebly. You will necessarily not need to look into any other place get your problem resolved.

There is a knowledge base too to help you out primarily.

Weebly themes and app center

Weebly offers 50+ website templates in their repository. They look clean, responsive and categorized under different labels. Such as online store, personal, blog, business etc.

All the templates can be modified using the drag-and-drop builder. You can also modify by editing core HTML and CSS files. But if you are seeking a fully unique and stylish theme, you may need to check third-party websites like Mojo.


Weebly Themes.

Weebly has their own app store named “App Center”. They have a total of 270+ apps having both free and paid items. They are categorized under different labels such as e-commerce, marketing, social etc.

Weebly lets you install new apps in one-click. You can add new website functionally without any involvement in the source code.


Weebly App Canter.

How fast is Weebly website?

SEO, site security, and analytics

Weebly covers basics of SEO in their core. You can write a custom title, meta description and URL separately for each page. Sitemap, Robots.txt and Rich Structured Data for products are built-in with every site.

In the Settings > SEO page, you can do a several more things. Like you can write Header Code or Footer Code that will concatenate to every page. You can add 301 Redirections from there without any 3rd party app.


Built-in SEO.

Weebly hosts all websites on their own server with custom domain support. It is fast and reliable since 40M websites are currently hosted on it. It also offers SSL certificate for secure connection and protection from DDoS Mitigation.

Weebly does track and understand your visitor’s behavior.

It can track visitor’s behavior and acquisition for some basic metrics. You may need to integrate your Weebly site with Google Analytics for more advanced reports.

The metrics they offer are:

  • Page Views
  • Unique Visitors
  • Top Pages
  • Search Terms
  • Referring Sites

Weebly Website Statistics.

The free Weebly account will let you see only the Page Views and the Unique Visitors. For other statistics, you need to upgrade your account.

Weebly pricing table

Weebly Plans/Price






Monthly Price


No plan

No plan



Yearly Price






Number of sites 10 10 10 10 10
Number of pages unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Storage 500 MB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free domain No 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year Yes
Connect to custom domain No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Site statistics No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Video backgrounds and Audio players No No Yes Yes Yes
File upload 100 MB 100 MB 250 MB 250 MB 250 MB
Email marketing No No No No $96/year
Online store products N/A 10 25 Unlimited Unlimited
Transaction fee N/A 3% 3% 0% 0%
Checkout method N/A Weebly.com Weebly.com Own domain Own domain
Inventory tracking No No No Yes Yes
Shipping and tax No No No Yes Yes
Coupon codes No No No Yes Yes
Gift cards No No No No Yes
Abandoned cart emails No No No No Yes
Suitable for

Basic use

Personal use

Small organizations

Small business & stores

Power sellers

Our verdict

Weebly is the excellent choice to build an online presence. It’s trusted by millions of website and business owners. If you are just getting started to create your own website, Weebly has a free plan. Later on, when you have decided to make money from your website, Weebly has plans that fit your needs.

While Weebly advance plans may not economically competitive with others, the Free, Starter and Pro plans are pretty value for your money.


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