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Name: Wix

Description: Wix is a service which allows users to build websites even with zero technical knowledge. Most website types are supported, from simple static sites to eCommerce stores.

Operating System: Web-based

Application Category: Website Builder, Online Store Builder, eCommerce Solution

  • Ease of Use
  • Templates & Designs
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  • Value for Money
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Taken in its most basic form, Wix is a website building tool that offers users the opportunity to create stunning websites through an easy to use drag and drop interface. It also has the extra features that allow powerful add-ons to be included to extend site functionality, making it one of the more versatile site builders exiting today.

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Overview: What is Wix

How does Wix work?

Offered as an online service, Wix lets you work with a drag-and-drop visual editor to build your website even if you have zero coding knowledge and no prior training. Think of it as using building blocks to create your personal design. The system is so intuitive that it will likely only take you moments to familiarise yourself with.

Once your basic site is ready and visually acceptable to you, Wix Website Builder also lets you add in additional elements as separate add-ons to your site such as form builders, forums, online stores and tons of other things.

Examples of websites built with Wix

Here are some great sites built with Wix.

Example of website built with Wix
Example #1: Animal Music – Video advertising agency, this dynamic site you must experience to believe.
Example of website built with Wix
Example #2: Monica Pack Pilates – About fitness and exercise which is simple and yet colourful and enticing.
Example of website built with Wix
Example #3: Karlie Kloss – One of the higher profile sites created and hosted with Wix, by a supermodel no less!

To see more, check out our roundup of Wix website examples.

Pros: What I like about Wix

1- Tons of good website templates to choose from

There are more than 500 beautiful Wix website templates in 70 different categories for you to choose from. It covers almost all general and niche needs. Starting off your website is as simple as browsing through their template database and just clicking on the one to use.

Wix templates in different styles - you can also build a Wix website on blank canvas
There are more than 500 beautiful Wix templates in 70 different categories and design styles for you to choose from (see samples).

2- Very intuitive visual site editor

Offered as an online service, Wix lets you work with a drag-and-drop visual editor to build your website even if you have zero coding knowledge and no prior training. Think of it as using building blocks to create your personal design. The system is so intuitive that it will likely only take you moments to familiarize yourself with.

Learn more about creating your first website using Wix

Wix Website Editor - Add different site elements using drag-and-drop
Demo – Editing your website at Wix. 1) Website overall setting – Manage pages, preview your site in mobile or desktop screen, publish your site and connect to a domain here. 2) Site Menu – Set site background and edit menu here. 3) Wix Editor – Drag and drop to move your site elements and edit text.

3- Unique mobile site editor

Wix is mobile friendly in two different ways. The first is that it allows you to either make use of responsive templates in sync with your basic design or you can customize a mobile-friendly site independently.

More interesting though is the unique Wix mobile app which you can use to work with your Wix sites from mobile devices. This is something which I can see will be very useful for solo entrepreneurs who basically must do everything themselves.

The Wix mobile app gives them a way to create and edit their sites on the go without having to lug around a laptop – just a tablet or even large-screen smartphone will do!

See Wix App demo in video below.

4- Powerful add-ons through App Market

As I mentioned earlier, Wix has many extra features you can add on to your basic website. To use them, let me introduce you to the Wix App Market. This repository works similarly to WordPress plugins.

There are over 260 apps created by both Wix and other third-party developers that you can look through and choose to integrate into your website. Of all the site builders I have seen, the Wix App Market is one of the most comprehensive so far.

wix app market
Wix App Market

5- Comprehensive support available

Because Wix is designed to make website building as simple as possible it does not just rely on communication with its customer support team to do this. The experience starts from the time you sign up with them and the system helps you along with cues and prompts.

In Wix editor, each editable element design is annotated with a question mark to let you know that help is there for you if you need it.

If there’s something you are still unsure about there is more self-help available in the form of a help centre and user community or forum. The help centre has a wealth of knowledge on all things Wix but also includes lots of other associated information like the basics of SEO or marketing.

For more complex issues, you can start a discussion thread in the community forum and tap on the wealth of knowledge that other Wix users may have. If all else fails, there is always the option to get in touch with Wix support via email.

Wix Support
Wix Help Center

6- Wix sites are fast

Website speed is important in the eye of Google as well your visitors. When building your site with Wix Site Builder, that means you are hosted on their servers as well. For the purpose of this Wix review, I created a sample site with them and tested the speeds which were quite acceptable.

Wix website speed test
Wix website Bitcatcha speed test. Performance score = B.
Wix website speed test
Wix website Pingdom speed test. Performance grade = 82.

Cons: What I dislike about Wix

1- Free isn’t FREE

OK, that subhead may be a little misleading, but the free version of Wix is crippled in many ways. For example, all free Wix sites must carry the Wix branding, which can be a little annoying at times. Especially so if you’re just trying to run a small, personal site that you aren’t earning anything from.

Sample of website built on Wix free plan
All free Wix sites carry this Wix advertisement.

2- Hard to switch templates

One drawback to Wix template though is that once you choose them it is difficult to change your mind later. Your content won’t transfer easily form one template to another, so if you decide you want a different template it is likely you will have to re-do a lot of work.

3- You can’t export your Wix site

Moving web hosts is part and parcel of quite a few website owner’s lives. It’s just something that needs to be done sometimes and can happen for many reasons. The primary one being unhappiness with your existing host.

Wix takes this completely out of your hands by not allowing users to export Wix websites. You also cannot embed any elements of you Wix site somewhere else, so get that workaround out of your mind.

According to them;

“Specifically, it is not possible to export or embed files, pages or sites, created using the Wix Editor or ADI, to another external destination or host.”

Wix Plans & Pricing

  VIP eComm. Unlimited Combo Connect
Yearly Price $24.50/mo $16.50/mo $12.50/mo $8.50/mo $4.50/mo
Disk Storage 20 GB 20 GB 10 GB 3 GB 500 MB
SSL Security Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free domain Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Remove Wix Ads Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Form Builder App Yes Yes No No No
Site Booster App Yes Yes No No No
Online Store Yes Yes No No No
Email Campaigns 10 emails /mo No No No No

Wix Pricing & Features 

Wix is available for free but their free accounts come with many limitations. For example, you don’t get to use your own domain name and your site gets branded with some Wix advertising. Once you’ve gotten frustrated enough with that, its time to look towards their paid plans.

The Wix pricing strategy seems awfully similar to how hosting companies do it – the more you pay, the better features you get. There are distinct differences between each of the plans so do go through them carefully.

For example, if what you want to do is build an online store then only plans suitable for you would be their two most expensive ones – eCommerce or VIP.

Wix Templates & Designs

There are Wix templates that fit almost every category of use imaginable. I have not gone through each one (again, there are over 500!) but I can tell you that I’ve spotted many general categories. For example, there are templates suitable for business like online stores and real estate companies all the way to hobby sites like pets and cars.

All Wix templates are highly customizable, so I recommend you look at their designs as rough guidelines. Choose the closest design to what you have in mind then customize it to fit your exact needs.

Here are some free templates

See all Wix designs & templates here.

Review site templates included in Wix paid plans - For Resumes websites
Wix templates: Resumes / CV
Review site templates included in Wix paid plans - For Fashion Websites
Wix templates: Fashion & beauty
Review site templates included in Wix paid plans - For Food and Restaurant Menus
Wix templates: Food & restaurant
Review site templates included in Wix paid plans - For Landing Pages
Wix templates: Landing pages

More About Wix Website Builder (FAQ)

Wix ADI vs Wix Editor: What's the difference?

Wix Editor is a traditional drag-and-drop tool that lets users build a site without having any coding knowledge. Wix ADI, or Artificial Design Intelligence, is an AI-based program that helps users auto-create a site by answering some basic questions.

Personally, I don’t feel that the two options are always exclusive. For example, users can opt to use the ADI and then follow it up by making small changes to the site in the Wix editor. All-in-all, a potent combination to be sure.

Wix ADI Wix Editor
Wix ADI and Wix Editor

Here's the walk-through to build a Wix website using Wix ADI and Wix Editor.

Is Wix free?

Wix has a free plan where users can host their sites for free and for as long as they want. However, there are various limitations, such as the inclusion of Wix branding, applied on websites hosted on the Wix free plan.

Is Wix the right tool for an online store?

Wix offers tools that can help websites morph into almost anything their owners want them to be. From online stores to blogs, Wix has it all. Keep in mind that by nature, Wix is a rapid building tool and that is where its focus lies.

See samples of online stores built with Wix.

How much does Wix cost?

Wix's entry plan starts at $4.50 per month that let you connect your domain to the free site. For the Combo plan, it costs you $8.50 per month which is ad-free and includes a free domain name for 1 year. Wix Unlimited costs $12.50 per month and is suitable for a medium to large site. If you want to create an online store, VIP plan and eCommerce plan are the options. Both cost you $24.50 per month and $16.50 per month respectively.

How does Wix compare to other platforms?

We regard Wix as one of the best website builders in the market. You can compare all popular website builders side-by-side using this table.

Is Wix for good blogging?

As a rule of thumb, Wix is a site builder tool. This means that you can build any type of site with it. However, there are dedicated blogging add-ons which you can use with your Wix site.

How much does Wix charge for domain registration?

You will get a 1-year free domain when you subscribe yearly to any of the premium plans. Thereafter, you need to pay for the domain renewal fee in the subsequent years, which costs you around $14.95 yearly.

Does Wix have SSL?

All Wix site comes with free shared SSL certificates. Users can implement HTTPS to their Wix websites from dashboard. However, note that Wix does not support third-party SSL certificates at this point of writing.

How do you create a Wix account?

1. Go to Wix.com sign up page > 2. Enter your email address > 3. Enter your preferred password > 4. Click sign up. Click here to begin.

Compare: Wix vs WordPress.com vs Weebly

Features Wix Weebly WordPress.com
Free Plan Yes Yes Yes
Lowest Paid Plan $4.50/mo $12.00/mo $5/mo
Storage Space From 500MB From 500MB From 3 GB
Bandwidth From 1GB Unlimited Unmetered
Free domain Combo Plan and above Yes, except free plans Personal Plan and above
Plugin/Site Addons 250+ 320+ 50,000+
Customer Support Phone and email for paid plans Phone support only for top-tier paid plans Email and live chat support for paid plans
Online Store Ready? Only on top-tier plans Only on top-tier plans Plugin dependent
Podcast Ready? Yes No Plugin dependent
Forum Ready? Yes With third-party service Plugin dependent
Free SSL Yes Yes Yes
Payment Gateway Stripe, PayPal, Square, 2CO, and more Stripe, PayPal, Square, 2CO, and more PayPal only
Can sell digital products Business plan only Yes Plugin dependant
Multilingual support Yes App dependent Yes
Notes Wix is powerful and easy to use but holds its users close, not allowing site exports Weebly is skewed slightly more towards eCommerce sites and has a more limited selection of templates As a whole, WordPress is immensely powerful and popular but to make full use of it there is a learning curve.
Visit Wix.com Weebly.com WordPress.com

Wix Review: Our Verdict

Wix offers its users an opportunity to build beautiful websites quickly and with zero knowledge of coding. It offers very comprehensive functions to support this and the possibilities are immense. Imagine creating an online store and getting your business started in just a few hours – and that is what the premise is.

Is it perfect? Perhaps not since there are flaws in everything. Yet personally I feel that the flaws in Wix are more commercial in nature (it is a business, after all) rather than technical. There are some strange restrictions such as not allowing users to export their sites, fox example.

Still, as a website builder the experience is very streamlined and there is very little cause for confusion. For most potential site owners in the world, Wix is a very solid offering that I would highly recommend. There is so much to love about it that is a hard to beat proposition.

How to begin?

Anyone can signup and create a website on Wix platform (no credit card needed). Click this link to begin.

Start using Wix Website Builder Now
Step 1 – Sign up with Wix free trial and login.
Select the features and types of website you are building
Step 2 – Select the type of website you want and choose a pre-built template.

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