Smart Website Optimization Techniques To Improve Organic Traffic

This article was written by Brandon Graves.

Everyone who is in web-based business wants to increase traffic to his/her site/blog. It brings business opportunities to them. It is said that “No traffic, No business”. There is no benefit of having great products and services if you don't get traffic to your website.


Organic traffic is perhaps the best way to make your site rank well on the world's leading search engines. Actually, it is the non-paid traffic which comes from search engines. However, driving organic traffic to websites/blogs is not a child's play. A lot of patience, dedication, and active implementation of smart SEO tricks is required for it. If you are looking for effective ways and strategies to improve organic traffic to your site, just follow the tips below:

1. Make Your Website More Relevant and Usable

When visitors search for information, products, services, etc, on WWW, search engines look for websites or web pages that are up-to-date, safe, relevant, and more usable for visitors. It helps them to have a positive experience and find the required stuff easily and quickly. If your website contains outdated information or has usability issues, search engines will neglect it while displaying results against the search terms, entered by visitors.

Therefore, first of all, you must revamp your website to make it professional, appealing, and relevant to the targeted audience. You can take the following steps in this regard:

  • Make sure your website is up-to-date and professional. Use the latest software, anti-virus, high-quality server, firewall, etc, to run it properly and keep in live 24*7.
  • Ensure your website has no UI/UX issues,
  • Compatible with all modern web browsers,
  • Ensure your site is responsive to all mobile devices and
  • Make sure your site loads faster.

2. Focus on On-site SEO

Frequent Google Algorithm Updates have increased the importance of on-site SEO. If you fail here, your site's SEO ranking will decline sooner or later. There are a number of ways you can make improvements in your on-site SEO exercise and expect more organic traffic to come to your site. Discover suitable keywords under your niche. If possible, use long tail keywords to cover more and more topics related to your business. Create SEO optimized, meaningful, relevant and error-free content in bulk. Upload them on your website/blog regularly and optimize properly using the latest SEO tricks. Search engines always look for newly uploaded content to display the most authentic results to visitors.

If you are building your website using popular website builders such as Weebly, they have all the elements ready to do on-site SEO.

Note: Here's the beginner's guide to SEO if you wish to learn more.

3. Eliminate All Broken Links


With a constant influx of new content, websites get larger and larger every day. So, it becomes very difficult for individuals to maintain such websites. After a few days/weeks/months, content on the website can get removed or outdated which may give birth to broken links. It is an extremely Herculean task to find and correct these broken links manually.

Actually, a broken link is a non-existent web resource which is also called dead link. When someone tries to access such non-existent web pages, an HTTP code 404 is shown by the server. The availability of too many broken links on your website can reduce its quality, displease search engines and visitors alike, and cause a sharp decline in website traffic. Therefore, you must check and eliminate broken links on your website using online resources and tools.

4. Blog Regularly

Google gives a great importance to all those websites that are updated regularly with fresh and unique content. A blog is an easy way to keep your website fresh and up-to-date. So, just attach a corporate blog to your website and start updating it regularly with fresh content.

To start a blog is not difficult as it seems, you need to have a strategy and persistence. If it happens, search engine crawlers will visit your site regularly, add newly added pages in their indexes, and you will grow organic traffic to your website slowly.

5. Seek Guest Blogging Opportunities Under Your Niche

Guest blogging is another important you should actively perform for gaining lots of benefits. In this process, a person sends unique content to bloggers (under his/her niche) for publication. If his/her posts are published by the blog owners, it helps both parties. Blog owners get quality content free of cost and can make use of that to better his web-based business and generate more revenues. On the other hand, contributors expand their reach to a large section of the targeted audience and fetch business opportunities worth millions of bucks.

6. Have A Definite Internal Linking Strategy

Internal linking an important SEO practice in which digital marketing professionals link one page to another page within the same domain for navigational purpose. It helps them to get a higher reputation in the eyes of different search engines and visitors, improve the crawling and indexing of web pages, reduce the site's bounce rate, and increase clicks on website greatly. So, adopt internal linking as a part of your SEO efforts and enjoy its benefits.

7. Be Active On Important Social Media Sites


Always keep in mind that Google considers social media reputation for web rankings. A website with a decent presence on different social media channels is preferred by Google and shown up in its results. So, you must promote your website or its pages on all important social media channels. Just add more and more people to your site's social media pages and distribute content among them. Encourage them to share your content maximum. All these will help you to get more organic traffic to your site.

8. Actively Communicate With Your Audience

If you communicate with your targeted audience actively, it will help you to know what your audience is thinking, feeling, and struggling with while engaging with your brand. Depending on the output, you can make the required changes and encourage people to get engaged with your brand over a long period of time. To communicate with the targeted audience, you can use different systems, such as Email Marketing, Asking for Feedback, Comment Systems, Forum's, RSS Feeds, Question-Answer websites, etc.

9. Analyze Your SEO Exercise Strictly

It doesn't matter how well you perform SEO activities to boost traffic to your site, there always remains some areas of improvement and correction. Therefore, you must track the performance of your SEO exercise regularly and explore areas of further improvement. Just do all these to ensure you get a fair amount of organic traffic to your site every day.


A steady flow of organic traffic to your website is essential if you want to generate sufficient revenues and take your web-based business to the next level. These are some useful tips for boosting organic traffic to websites/blogs. Just implement them and have their benefits in the future.

Brandon Graves is a prolific digital marketing and WordPress expert working with HireWPGeeks. He keeps writing about the latest web design and WordPress development services like psd to WordPress conversion, HTML to WordPress conversion etc. Follow him on Google Plus to get instant updates.

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