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How-to Guide to Start A Website / Blog / Online Store

Essential Tools To Build Your Online Presence

  • Best Web Hosting For Small Business¬†– InMotion is our #1 choice for business hosting. It fulfills the criteria as a good web hosting. But, there are some great alternatives you should look into.
  • Best SSL Certificate Providers¬†– There are many types of SSL certificates in the market you should know before buying. We list out some of the best in the market.
  • Best Website Builder for Small Business¬†– If you don't have knowledge of coding, you can compare the pros and cons of these website builders before choosing.
  • Best Email Marketing Platforms – Make use of these email marketing platforms to collect leads, build your list, and grow your business.
  • Best Domain Registrars¬†– Learn the few general things such as prices and renewals,¬† transfer of domains, etc. before settling on a domain name company.
  • Best Online Store Builder for Newbies¬†– A list of online store builders with key features and pricing that are great for the newbie or first-time online store owners.
  • Best Free Invoice Templates¬†– If you are just starting out a business, it might not¬†justify using an accounting software. You can get started with these free invoice templates.
  • Best Website Builders Compared¬†– We sign up and test each of these website builders. It's great if you are looking for comparisons and alternatives.
  • Best Free Website Builders – We bring you the popular free website builders so that you can make better, more confident web design choices.

Tips To Make More Money

Additional Tools To Enhance Your Site

  • Best Domain Name Generators¬† – If you want your blog or website to succeed, having a good domain name is essential. Here are the tools that can help you.
  • Web Safe HTML and CSS Fonts – Wondering which font is suitable for your website? Take a look at the list, they are widely used and look pretty good as well.
  • Alternative Platforms For Your Site – A list of 19 platforms you can use to create your own site including your own mobile app. Some are for beginners and some are for the experts.
  • Best Favicon Generators – Believe it or not, having an easy to remember favicon is important to your brand. You can use one of these to generate yours for FREE.
  • Canva – A freemium online graphics tool with a mountain load of templates. Arguably the best graphics tool for the unskilled user.
  • SEMRush¬†– A powerful suite for online marketing. It has what you need to outrun your competition.

Get More Traffic To Your Website

  • Beginner Tips for Social Media Marketing – Learn how to optimize your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn profiles and content to get visible results.
  • SEO for Beginner – We discuss the 3 SEO basics you can do to start ranking your site. It's important things you so do after launching your site.
  • Expert Tips to Grow Website Traffic¬†– Besides SEO, here are 5 key things you can do to grow traffic to your site in a way that will monetize your site.
  • Blog Comments Strategy¬†– Learn the secrets to drive traffic to your blog through meaningful comments versus Plain Jane.

Essential Marketing Tips To Grow Your Blog



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