Compare Popular Website Builders

We signed up and tested each of these website builders on this list. We believe usability, speed and server performance are important factors for a website builder.

How well did the website builders performed on this list? Read on to find out!

Website Builders 2019 (Review)

Website Builders Pricing From Domain Name Speed Test Server Performance Verdict Find out
Wix $8.5/mo Free 202ms B Excellent web editor with tonnes of apps Visit
Weebly $8/mo Free 327ms A Easy to use web editor; suitable for newbies Visit
Shopify $9/mo No 219ms A The comprehensive online store builder Visit
Strikingly $8/mo Free 883ms C+ Best one-page site builder Visit
Squarespace $12/mo Free 460ms C Offer tons of beautifully designed themes Visit
WebStarts $4.89/mo No 343ms B Comes with features for local businesses Visit
Bigcommerce $29.95/mo No 823ms C Store builder with features to boost sales Visit
BoldGrid $4.99/mo Free 198ms A Proven hosting platforms; WordPress-ready Visit
Site123 $10.8/mo Free 486ms C+ Limited features; only 1 plan available Visit
Sitey $4.61/mo Free 510ms C Very basic web builder with limited apps Visit

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Pricing from: $8.50/mo
Plans: Connect, Combo, Unlimited, eCommerce, VIP

Speed test: 202ms
Server performance: B
Domain: Free

PRO: Build from scratch, excellent web editor with tonnes of apps.

There are more than 500 ready-made Wix templates (see all templates here).

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There are more than 500 ready-made Wix templates.
The Wix App Market has apps for possibly all the functions you might ever need on your website.

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Pricing from: $8/mo
Plans: Starter, Pro, Business

Speed test: 327ms
Server performance: A
Domain: Free

PRO: Easy to use, suitable for newbies.

Weebly offers 50+ website templates in their repository (see them here).
Weebly offers 50+ website templates in their repository (see all templates here).

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Weebly Website Drag-and-Drop Editor. To build – Just drag elements from the left panel and drop it on the template.
Weebly Drag-and-Drop Editor – Just drag elements from the left panel and drop it on the template.

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Pricing from: $9/mo
Plans: Lite, Basic, Shopify, Advanced

Speed test: 219ms
Server performance: A
Domain: Not included

PRO: Comprehensive online store builder; sell on multiple channels (FB, Amazon, mobile, etc) including Shopify “Buy Button”.

Shopify has a wide range of free and premium themes at their Theme Store
Shopify has a wide range of free and premium themes in their Theme Store (see all templates here).

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Simple and straight forward interface to add product on Shopify.
Shopify offers a straight forward interface to add and manage your products. It’s simple and easy to use.

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Pricing from: $8/mo
Plans: Limited, Pro, VIP

Speed test: 883ms
Server performance: C+
Domain: Free

PRO: Site builder that’s great for one-page website

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Pricing from: $12/mo
Plans: Personal, Business, Basic

Speed test: 460ms
Server performance: C
Domain: Free

PRO: Offer tons of beautifully designed themes for beginners

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Pricing from: $4.89/mo
Plans: Pro, Pro Plus, Business

Speed test: 343ms
Server performance: B
Domain: No

PRO: Comes with helpful features for local businesses

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Pricing from: $29.95/mo
Plans: Standard, Plus, Pro, Enterprise

Speed test: 823ms
Server performance: C
Domain: No

PRO: Connect to popular marketplace through omni-channel; abandoned cart saver available in all plans.

Bigcommerce abandoned cart
BigCommerce has a list of built-in tools and more than 470 apps to help increase sales (See more examples).

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Bigcommerce themes
BigCommerce themes are mobile responsive and well-categorized. It comes with both free and paid themes.

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Pricing from: $4.99/mo
Plans: WP-1000S, WP-2000S

Speed test: 198ms
Server performance: A
Domain: Free

PRO: Proven platform with reliable performance, ultra cheap to start.

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Site 123

Pricing from: $10.8/mo
Plans: Premium

Speed test: 486ms
Server performance: C+
Domain: Free

CON: Features are limited; only 1 plan available

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Pricing from: $4.61/mo
Plans: Starter, Pro, eCommerce

Speed test: 510ms
Server performance: C
Domain: Free

CON: Very basic web builder with limited apps.

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Popular Website Builders In Google Trend

As you can see from the list, there are plenty of website builders in the market. Out of all them, which ones are the most popular?

Well, we decided to use Google Trend to figure out which five were the most popular. Turns out, is the clear winner by far, in terms of search interest. comes in a close second but the rest of them (Squarespace, Strikingly, and others), were significantly lagging behind in comparison.

When it comes to online store builders, there was definitely a huge gap between the two big players. If you take a look at the results below, easily dwarfs in search interest by at least twice the number of searches.

You might notice that we didn’t include in the comparison. That’s because we think the platform is fundamentally not a website builder as it sits on the WordPress CMS platform

With so many website builders in the market, finding the right website builder for your next project has become so easy and risk-free, you can basically do this with one eye.

That doesn’t mean we’re not going to help you out!

In fact, we’ve compiled a list of references that you should definitely consider when searching for a website builder:


Pricing with website builders can be tricky. You’ll see some companies offering a low entry price at the beginning but end up increasing it when you opt for a renewal.

For an online store, you have to take note of the transaction fee. Some online store builders will waive the transaction fee, which can result in higher price plans.


Each website builder will have its own unique set of features. Generally, we recommend going for those that at least include the following common features: blogging section, SEO options, email marketing, and mobile-friendly templates.

For online store builders, you want to keep an eye out for extra features that are eCommerce related, such as cart-recovery.

Customer support

It’s worth paying a little bit more for support, especially if you want to start an online store. Check the types of support available such as phone, live chat, or ticketing and test them out if you can.

If there’s a community forum, it might be worth it to join as a member.

Site speed and server performance

Speed and server reliability is one of the most important factors for an online store or website.

Visitors are more likely to feel frustrated and abandon your website if it’s slow to load. Not only that, Google takes site speed as their consideration for ranking, making them doubly important!

Domain name

Domain name is an important asset to have when building your online presence. Since a domain name represents your business and identity, always check if they are included in the plans.

Website Builders Review – The Pros and Cons

As great as website builders are, they might not be suitable for everyone. For programmers or expert tech user, you might find website builder to be somewhat limiting with their pre-set designs and inability for customization.

Still, all those templates, features and error-free workflow makes it a great platform for beginners or non-tech people.

Ultimately, it all depends on your website needs and the outcome you are looking for. If you still need help deciding, we list out the pros and cons for using website builders:

Pros for using a website builder:

  • Easy to use & get started
    Anyone can start building a website even if they have no coding knowledge. It’s easy to use compared to CMS platforms like WordPress and Joomla.
  • One-stop solution
    Everything that you need to start a website is included – domain name, hosting, marketing features, templates, etc
  • Low cost
    The cost of using a website builder can be very low. More often than not, they cost about the same for a hosting plan and web space of similar size separately. Plus, you only pay for extra if you want to use the add-on services.
  • Feature rich
    A good website builder will keep on adding features to its library. The more features you have, the better your website will be, for catering to your customers.
  • Drag and drop interface
    Adding and removing widgets, galleries, pages, is as simple as dragging and dropping them. The best website builders not only makes it easy to build a website, but they also come with beautifully designed themes to get started.
  • Comprehensive support
    Quality website builders offer tons of support through email, live chat, ticketing system or forums. However, each provider will differ in quality, so it’s best to do a quick research first.

Cons for using a website builder:

  • Limited freedom
    Using a website builder means you’re limited to what the provider has to offer. You might want certain features for your website but if the website builder doesn’t offer such features, chances are you’ll have to settle with alternatives.
  • Location of your website
    In most of the cases, it’s up to the providers where they want to put website. You basically have no choice over your server location, which can be a big concern if server location plays an important role in your website’s latency.
  • Not suitable for big websites
    A lot of the website builders are catered towards small or medium businesses who need a simple website to get started. Those looking for more complex web-based projects (i.e. 300+ web page, multiple language support, etc.) will need to look elsewhere.
  • Dependence on one provider
    Your website is very dependent on the platform provider. If the provider closes down, then your site goes down with it. Though it’s less likely to happen if you opt for an established provider.
  • Lack of advanced functions
    Using PHP, Java, and SQL is not possible for website builders as you’re stuck using their internal programs. If you’re a programmer, you won’t have access to advanced functions when using a website builder.

Website Builders – Get Started

We narrow down the choices of website builders that’s best suited for different purposes with 3 detailed guides. You can check them out below:



Disclaimer: We spent great efforts to maintain accurate information on all offers presented. However, this information is provided without warranty. Users should check service provider’s official website for current terms and details. receives compensation from many of the offers listed on the site.